Libellule Theatre began its life as a small seed delivering storytelling workshops in schools and nurseries. Since then it has grown and blossomed, now proudly displaying blooms of national and international touring performances, educational projects and training opportunities for teaching professionals. Thanks to a sprinkle of fertiliser and a handful of sunshine we are now standing proud and tall in the forests of theatre and education!
Libellule Theatre is a young company passionate about exploring the collaboration between theatre and education to enrich the lives of young children. We strive to create high quality theatre experiences for children which open up young imaginations and develop learning opportunities in creative and magical environments. The company is passionate about taking theatre into educational settings and promoting the use of drama in the classroom as a teaching tool to engage children in their learning journeys.
The company is so-named from a happy childhood memory of a holiday in France, punting on a river and being surrounded by dragonflies, or as the French would say,
les libellules. The word has always stayed with me and the beauty, energy and zest which fill those little creatures are qualities mirrored in the company and its work.
“It can take an infinite number of forms but theatre
for young audiences, if it’s to be any good, must by
definition be theatre for all of us. We live in the
same world as children. It’s no less complex and
baffling for children than it is for the rest of us...
To be good enough for children, it has to be good
enough for the rest of us.”

Tony Graham,
Artistic Director at Unicorn Theatre
Louise Clark has an MA in Drama and Theatre Education and a BA in Theatre and Performance both from the University of Warwick and has specialised in Early Years arts education since her MA dissertation research into The Place of the Drama Specialist in the Early Years. She works as a performer and theatre practitioner, specialising in theatre education and children’s theatre.

She believes high quality theatre experiences can play a pivotal role in the education and development of young children. This belief keeps her busy as an artist for Creative Partnerships and as a drama consultant for LEAs, developing drama as a whole school approach to learning and as a teaching tool within the classroom.
Louise worked as a performer in children’s theatre for several years touring with Tell Tale Hearts, for whom she is now Associate Director. She also works as an education associate for a number of well known theatre companies including Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company, Oldham Coliseum, Manchester Library Theatre, Doncaster Community Arts (darts) and RSC. Louise is also a member of staff for the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) and works closely with Calderdale Theatre School, Halifax.
Simone Lewis is a freelance performer and was born in Cape Town, South Africa where she trained in mime, acting, and dance. She began working in children’s theatre in 2004 touring South Africa with Cape Town based puppetry company AREPP: Theatre for Life. Since moving to the UK in 2005 she has performed and toured with various theatre companies who focus on physical theatre, puppetry and clown.

She has worked and continues to work with Tell Tale Hearts Children’s Touring Theatre Company, who specialise in theatre for early years, having toured with their productions of A Story for All Seasons, Beneath the Waves, Space Hoppers and more recently ‘from here to there’.
In 2008 she moved to Paris where she studied clown at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and since her return to the UK has lead workshops on clown, devising theatre and object manipulation for all ages. She recently played Margot in Red Ladder’s highly acclaimed 2009 production of Forgotten Things and began collaboration with Libellule Theatre in 2010 in their production of Cloth of Dreams.
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